5 Creative Ideas for Enhancing Flip Charts

Whether you are a trainer, facilitator, drillmaster or manager, cast archive (flipcharts) are an bargain and able apparatus to advice achieve your account visual, affectation advice or barter account in a training affair or meeting. While there are assorted added accoutrement that can aswell achieve these goals, cast archive abide to be one of the easiest and a lot of able means to acquaint advice in an developed acquirements classroom or office.

Here are 5 simple and artistic account for acceptable your cast blueprint pages:

1. Include Black Icons or Bullets in assorted shapes that chronicle to your affair in adjustment to visually tie to accounting argument and your affairs or affair theme. For archetype if acclamation the afterward topics:

-Telephone abilities – use baby blast handsets or headsets;

-Customer account abilities – use baby smile faces or faces with assorted expressions based on your text;

-Travel accompanying – use carts, boats, airplanes ships or added modes of transportation.

-EEO or acknowledged – use amends scales; and

-Technical abilities – use computers or added adapted equipment.

2. Incorporate Applicable Fatigued Images in assorted colors. Cartoon characters, caricatures, simple stick figures, and agnate representations are great. If you are application a Windows-based computer or laptop, you can admit some of these by traveling to the Microsoft Chat toolbar and beat “Insert,” again “Picture” or “Clip Art” to accept adapted images.

If you cannot draw well, and accept an blurred projector (inexpensive versions can be purchased at arts and crafts stores, such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and online). You artlessly activity an angel assimilate a cast blueprint page and trace it. You can aswell actualize a PowerPoint accelerate and activity that assimilate cardboard for tracing.

An important affair to bethink if application images is that you have to get permission and adduce absorb owners if application actual that you do not advance yourself in adjustment to absolute acknowledged liability.

3. Use Black Shapes to Set Key Terms and Titles Apart. This will advice differentiate them from added words on the page. For example, you ability use clouds, stars, circles, beginning bombs, or geometric shapes fatigued in assorted colors to highlight a concept, chat or phrase.

4. Attach Key Concepts Accounting on Cut Out Shapes that you attach to the page with appearance tape, Velcro, or artists adhering on the aback of anniversary shape. For example, “bright ideas” ability be elicited from participants and accounting on lightbulb shaped cutouts in a array of colors. Learners could again appear up and column their abstraction on a cast blueprint page and explain their cerebration about it. That page could again be acquaint on the bank for advertence after and examination by learners during breaks.

5. Add Borders to Cast Blueprint Pages with either black markers or black appearance tape. You can now buy band at appointment accumulation and ability food in a array of widths and colors, and with assorted clear images. Try to tie to affairs themes. For example, if you are accomplishing a affair on chump account or affairs in a specific country, accept colors from that country’s banderole or images that chronicle for your borders.